Benefits of Juvederm Treatment

Juvederm™, an injectable gel dermal filler, promotes a secure and efficient, non invasive, non surgical method to address and correct wrinkles and folds in the facial areas. Juvederm™ was classified by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery as becoming one of the most popular, non surgical, anti aging treatments available in the United States. Don't be mistaken though, the benefits of Juvederm treatment are unlike any other dermal filler available. If you are considering treatment with Juvederm™, the non surgical injectable dermal filler, you should be made aware of the many benefits that Juvederm™ has over its competitors.

Juvederm™ is considered to be the "future" in dermal filler technology. The gel is composed primarily from hyaluronic acid which as is a material, naturally found, readily throughout the human body. It promotes hydration of the skin as well as serves to restore volume to the skin and its underlying foundations. It is not produced from any form of animal tissue and no form of testing is required prior to the Juvederm™ injection treatment.

Innovative technologies contribute to highly favorable results with Juvederm™. The gel is manufactured in a very unique fashion resulting in the maximum levels of hyaluronic acid concentration when compared to many of the current hyaluronic acid based products available for treatment. This uniquely developed technology is manufactured in a gel form that is even in consistency resulting in smooth, natural, and youthful looking skin once injected. This gel is unique to all other hyaluronic acid based products in that the gel is smooth rather than granular.

FDA approved for safety and efficiency, Juvederm™ is the one of the first treatments that has proven to be highly effective and extremely safe for people of color. Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers have, in the past, had issues with people with dark skin. This is no longer a problem due to the chemical composition and unique manufacturing process that Juvederm™ is composed of.

Fast Treatment, Fast Recovery: Juvederm™ injectable dermal filler gel treatments are typically completed within 15-20 minutes. The process is a non surgical treatment that is accomplished by injecting the hyaluronic acid gel into the troubled layers of the dermis. Results are instantaneous and no prior skin tests are required. Recovery time depends on the severity of treatment but typically you should return to work the same day!

Various Levels of Treatment: The Juvederm™ treatment is formulated into two products; Juvederm™ Ultra and Juvederm™ Ultra Plus. For many patients with minor to moderate skin ailments, Juvederm™ Ultra will provide volume and address wrinkles and folds in the facial region. For those patients with moderate to severe wrinkles and folds, Juvederm™ Ultra Plus is recommended to address those areas and provide the highly favorable results you desire. Depending on your particalur case, the practitioner will be able to determine the appropriate product for your needs.