Effective Results with Restylane

With Restylane, results will depend very highly on the individual’s unique conditions and many other factors including but not limited to the age of the skin, severity of sun damage, and the patients overall lifestyle.

The techniques of the practitioner during Restylane injection will also contribute to the outcome of the results your desire.

The results are long lasting but you will notice a gradual return to the skins previous condition and it may be necessary and often recommended, to schedule additional treatments. Typical follow up treatments are usually scheduled within the first year and if after a lip procedure, every six months. This will only enhance Restylane’s effects and maintain your skins enhancement.

There have been countless clinical studies on Restylane and its highly effective results. There have been studies that say that Restylane, when used along with Botox is “most effective” in correcting wrinkles and lines between your eyebrows.