How Juvederm Works

As an injectable gel, Juvederm™ is a safe, non surgical, method of treatment administered by a practitioner. Below, you will find information on how Juvederm works and how it properties offer results that are highly desirable. The Juvederm™ gel will be injected directly under the skin surrounding the affected area. The injection is relatively painless and uses a very fine needle to enhance and fill the dermal tissue - the tissue located directly beneath the epidermis - adding volume along with properties to combat wrinkles and/or folds. Injection sites for the Juvederm™ treatment are determined prior to the procedure but the treatment typically works very well to combat wrinkles or folds around the face, specifically, laugh and/or smile lines along with parentheses (nasolabial) and marionette lines (oral commisures).

Juvederm™ injectable gel is considered to be the next generation dermal filler. The gel is composed primarily of a naturally found substance called hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that assists in hydration and serves to promote volume to the skin. As people age, the hyaluronic acid dissipates resulting in the creation of wrinkles or folds. Juvederm™ combats this aging effect by restoring this natural substance into your skin resulting in both smoothing and stretching of the skin to erase wrinkles and folds giving you the results you desire.

The manufacturing process of Juvederm™ is a key component to its great success with providing the highly desirable results patients come to expect. The unique process of which Juvederm™ is manufactured provides a very high concentration of what’s known as cross linked hyaluronic acid particles. When compared to the other available hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, Juvederm™ excels due to its higher concentration of H acid providing longer lasting results. Along with the high concentrations of H acid, the Juvederm™ manufacturing process generates a gel, that is smooth in consistency, which when injected, creates both a smooth and natural look for patients without any noticeable scars or bruises; No one will know you’ve had the treatment. You will just get compliments on how great you look!