What to Expect at the Office

Treatment with Juvederm™ injectable gel is not only safe but is non surgical as well. This results in little to almost no recovery time allowing you, the patient, to return to daily activities immediately. You can schedule an appointment whenever its convenient for you and when finished, you can right back to your life. The below information is what to expect at the practitioners office for a Juvederm™ treatment. (Please make a note that while most experiences are similar to what’s mentioned below, individual cases may stray from the described routine.

Prior to your visit, many practitioners recommend the avoidance of any medications that may promote prolonged bleeding; Aspirin and some non steroidal anti inflammatories (NSAIDS). This avoidance should last typically for about 1 week prior to treatment and it serves to lessen the risk of injection site bruising or bleeding. Feel free to contact our office to determine the best course of action.

Upon arrival, we will determine whether this is your first visit. If so, we will question you concerning your medical history, any allergies that you may possibly have, and any medications that you are currently taking. We will describe the Juvederm™ treatment and explain to you how it works to combat wrinkles and folds.

During your visit, the practitioner will examine the facial tissue surrounding the affected area and will make an assessment of the level of treatment required based on the depth of wrinkles or folds. The Juvederm™ treatment is available in two forms – Juvederm™ Ultra for minor to moderate damaged skin and Juvederm™ Ultra Plus for moderate to severe damaged skin. The ability to offer Juvederm™ in these two formulations offers your practitioner the opportunity to fine tune and tailor your treatment to your specific needs or desires. We may even take pre-treatment images to let you compare the difference before and after treatment.

Prior to treatment, your practitioner may or may not use a topical or injectable anesthesia around the affected area. Anesthesia is not required during this procedure yet some cases may warrant its use.

The Treatment; The Juvederm™ gel will be injected directly under the skin surrounding the affected area. Depending on your specific case, the practitioner may or may not massage, gently, the surrounding area. The treatment itself is relatively short, lasting no longer than 15-20 minutes, and results are instantaneous.

Post Procedure: With Juvederm,™ results are long lasting and immediate with little to no recovery time. For the first day following the procedure, you should try to avoid heavy exercise, prolonged sun and heat exposure, and you may want to avoid the consumption of alcohol in order to lessen the risks of redness, swelling, or itching. In some cases, mild pain, redness, firmness, or swelling may occur but should dissipate by itself no longer than seven days. Ice packs may be used to decrease possible swelling and your practitioner will let you know when it’s safe to continue applying makeup.

Results are immediate and you should notice heavy improvement to the affected area. Most clients should need no more than 1 treatment however your particular case may warrant a second visit. Results are long lasting with time frames of up to 6 months or even more. Your practitioner will schedule subsequent visits for "touch ups" on a case by case basis to help maintain optimal results.