Latisse Frequently Asked Questions

What is LATISSE™?
LATISSE™ is a prescription treatment / solution for hypotrichosis and it is used to produce increased growth of the eyelashes, making them darker, thicker, and longer.

What is hypotrichosis?
Hypotrichosis is a synonym for having insufficient or a lack of an adequate amount of eyelashes.

How does LATISSE™ work?
Bimatoprost is the active ingredient in LATISSE™. Extensive research has shown that the increased growth of eyelashes arises by increasing the overall percentage of hairs in the growth phase of the LATISSE™ treatment. Eye lashes can grow thicker, darker, and longer due to bimatoprost and can also lengthen this growth phase.

How do I apply LATISSE™?
LATISSE™ is a treatment that is used once a day which you apply every night to the base of the upper eyelash region.

When will I see results?
LATISSE™ users may begin to achieve desired results starting at 1 month with full, expected, results after 4 months. The progress of growth is gradual and results are experienced over time.

Can LATISSE™ be used as a substitute for mascara?
Unfortunately LATISSE™ cannot be used as a substitute for mascara. However, mascara can be used as an enhancer to the LATISSE™ treatment to assist in making the eyelashes appear even more attractive.

Is LATISSE™ different from other nonprescription treatments that advertise growth of the eyelashes?
The LATISSE™ treatment is the first of its kind and only prescription solution that is FDA approved for the treatment of inadequate eyelashes, promoting growth making eyelashes fuller, darker and longer.

What happens if I miss a nightly treatment?
Don't worry if you miss a treatment. Continue to apply the LATISSE™ solution as normal according to your treatment schedule.

What will happen if I stop using the LATISSE™ treatment?
Upon stopping the treatment, your eyelashes will revert to their prior state over a period of a couple weeks to a few months.

What are some of the possible side-effects of the LATISSE™ treatment?
An itching sensation along with redness of the eye are two of the most common side effects during the treatment of the ™ solution. These side-effects were said to be reported by 4% of patients. Some other possible side-effects may include irritation of the eye, darkening of the skin around the eye, along with dryness and redness.

What happens if I accidentally get the LATISSE™ solution in my eye?
There should be no adverse effects if the product gets into your eye. Rinsing is not required and no harm will be experienced.

Is there any reason I should NOT use LATISSE™?
If you are allergic to any of the ingredients in LATISSE™ you should not use the product as a treatment.

What ingredients comprise the LATISSE™ solution?
The active ingredient in LATISSE™ is Bimatoprost. Some of the inactive ingredients in LATISSE™ include purified water, sodium chloride, dibasic, benzalkonium chloride, and citric acid.

Skin hyperpigmentation; What is it?
Skin hyperpigmentation is a harmless condition and commonly occurs when patches of skin appear darker than the surrounding skin color. This condition most commonly occurs when an excess amount of the brownish pigment which, generates skin color, forms deposits beneath the skin.