What to Expect from Latisse

Remarkable eyelashes don't just appear overnight. That's why it's crucial to point out that LATISSE™ 0.03% works both progressively and extraordinarily; beginning at 1 month with full, complete, results after 4 months. Once you commence treatment, you may start to achieve results in as short as 4 weeks, but you must continue the topical treatment every night and follow the directions for optimum results. Remember that desired results are achieved over a gradual period of time.

Your eyelashes will undergo remarkable and genuine measurable growth.

LATISSE™ operates from the inside out. As your treatment progresses, you'll start to see changes in not only thickness but length and darkness over a gradual period of time. As soon as week 16 is complete, you will experience the full and desired effect of LATISSE™; and so will everybody else!

It is important to note that there are possible side effects.

Clinical trials have shown that some users experienced both redness and itchiness in the eyes. However, most users reported that these irritations disappeared once they became familiarized with the treatment or began applying it correctly.