Recommended Treatment Schedules

You will begin to see results from your BOTOX® treatment within days or a few weeks and may last for up to three months.

After that, you will notice a gradual fading of its effects and will be required to return for an additional session. After your second session, the effects of the BOTOX® treatment will continue for a greater period of time and your next visit will typically be 6 to 8 months from that point. The results will vary from patient to patient but in general these figures are accurate.

If you for any reason you discontinue the BOTOX® therapy, the original frown lines will begin to gradually re-appear to where they initially were before the treatment was administered.

Most patients are very pleased with the results and proactively schedule their next session months in advance. Consult with one of our practitioners for more details about the recommended treatment schedules for the BOTOX® treatment.