The Injection Process

With BOTOX®, the injection process is a very simple one. It takes less than 15 minutes, is relatively painless and is usually done without anesthesia. Your practitioner will administer a few small injections directly into muscles that are causing unwanted facial attributes. Your practitioner will make this determination based on speaking with you and examining your facial movements.

When going in for this type of procedure, you can expect to be out and about shortly after the injections. After the injections, you will see a significant improvement in the affected areas. You will enjoy a youthful look with minimized frown lines and wrinkles. This simple procedure does wonders for your appearance. A fifteen minute visit can take years off of your face.

The effects of a BOTOX® treatment typically last for a month, but sometimes may last up to two months. This process has become very popular because of its simplicity, and the effective results that it provides.