Treatments with Restylane

During your treatments with Restylane, the gel will be injected in small amounts under the skin using a tiny needle. Anesthetic is not usually required for the procedure but for some patients, an anesthetic cream or local injection may be administered by the practitioner prior to the treatment.

The injection process is quick, safe and will leave behind no visible scars of the treatment. The Restylane procedure will take no more than 20 to 30 minutes depending on the severity of each patient’s unique circumstances.

The effect will generate volume under the skin which in turn will remove the wrinkles and produce highly favorable results which are immediately noticeable. As with any treatment involving an injection, patients may experience minor redness or swelling around the affected area. This discomfort is a normal occurrence and will dissipate within a day or two .

On the day of your Restylane treatment, the practitioner will go over and answer any and all questions or concerns you may have about the procedure. There are no prerequisites or qualifications you must have for the Restylane treatment so u may undergo this procedure the day of your initial visit.

Some patients with more severe treatment requirements, this redness and swelling may last somewhat longer and the final result will not initially be visible after the treatment has completed. The practitioner will assess whether any additional treatments will be required to achieve the results that your desire.