What is Juvederm

You may be asking yourself what is this inovative treatment that restores your skins youthful glow.

Juvederm™ is an injectable gel filler, composed primarily of a natural bodily substance that promotes volume and assists in hydration; hyaluronic acid. The Juvederm™ gel will be injected beneath the skin to result in silky soft skin that is both smooth and natural looking, resulting in a more youthful appearance which many patients desire.

One of the great benefits of Juvederm™ is that the results look very natural; therefore the appearance of treatment is made unaware to everybody else. When compared with other collagen based treatments in a recent study, Juvederm™ was chosen 80-90 percent over the other injectable dermal fillers such as Zyplast and other bovine collagen products. Juvederm™ not only works well on light skin, but is the only FDA approved H acid dermal injectable filler that is both safe and effectual for those of color.

Treatments with Juvederm™, including the injection process, typically last about 15-20 minutes and the results are instantaneous. The injections will be carried out on the affected areas which are determined prior to treatment.

One of the many other great benefits of Juvederm™ is that there is practically no recovery time. You can return to work the same day with minimal discomfort. Depending on your specific case, minor pain, redness, slight firmness or swelling may occur after treatment but will subside usually within a day or even a few hours.

If Juvederm™ is used to address reasonable to severe aging effects, the injections will need to be focused toward the middle to bottom layers of the dermis. The side effects will typically be the same but the period of recovery may last as long as a week. The ultimate result from Juvederm™ injectable filler treatments is a vastly rejuvenated complexion and a more youthful and healthy skin appearance.